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Writing third-party applications poses unique challenges. The best applications must adapt seamlessly to a wide variety of host environments. Browsers may not trust code served from different domains; JavaScript and CSS have to co-exist with other applications and there are some tricky security vulnerabilities. This book distills the insights and experience of third-party JavaScript experts Ben Vinegar and Anton Kovalyov, developers at Disqus. Third-Party JavaScript guides web developers through the complete development of a full-featured third-party JavaScript application. It provides concrete solutions and best practices for many challenging obstacles, helping readers save time and money in developing their own bulletproof product. The concepts and examples throughout this are based on thousands of real-world development hours and results from millions of users. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY Third-party JavaScript applications are self-contained components, typically small scripts or widgets, that add functionality to websites. As the name implies, they're offered by independent organizations, with code and asset files served from a remote web address.

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