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Since the end of World War II, millions of gullible white Americans have been inundated with the fear that communism is spreading throughout the world and more importantly in the United States. America's wealthy extreme right has a vested interest in maintaining and feeding this fear so they can expand their great wealth and preserve an economic system that benefits them alone. The Koch Brothers, their father before them and others have created a web of distortions filled with lies and conspiracy theories. Their intention is to captivate and enslave the minds of millions of regular Americans so they will believe everything they are fed from some right-wing media entities. These include certain programming on Fox News, people like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, as well as organizations like The John Birch Society, Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party and others. When American parents force feed, indoctrinate and brainwash their children into their culture of right-wing extremism and American fanaticism, the effect on them can be overwhelming. Childhood and puberty are tough enough as it is. It is a horrible and despicable act to instill fear, hate, despair, isolationism, paranoia, entitlement and a romantic obsession for domestic terrorism in a young mind. My father brought me into this world to help save the country from communist enslavement. His intended purpose for my life was to educate others with the truth about the Communist Conspiracy and to help set America free. This book is about my personal journey and the way these attitudes directly caused so much suffering in my own life as well as how it is still having an effect on the choices and decisions being made by a large percentage of people in this country today.

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