Kyle Phoenix - Special Report # 21 : Where the Single Men Are Really At!: A Guide for Bi, Gay and Same Gender Loving Men

Special Report # 21 : Where the Single Men Are Really At!: A Guide for Bi, Gay and Same Gender Loving Men PDF download
Have you looked and looked and not found the man of your dreams? Are you tired of nightclubs? Are you tired of meeting men who say they're one thing and turn out to be another? Garnered from hundreds of workshops this information and strategies will allow you to target your search to find that special man. Whether your preferences are based on body type, masculinity, educational level, financial resources—-this book will help you find him! Special Reports by the publishing digital/print industry have historically come to be in the size of just approximately 10 pages on the titled topic with "books" obviously being more. My aim within the design of the Kyle Phoenix Special Reports is to expand the informational content each Special Report contain and create a substantial addendum to each Special Report of thousands of pages—-included and linked to. First I do that by the inclusion of informational Add Ins. The purpose of the Add Ins is one, the wide expanse of men these Reports go out to in paperback and digital form not always being at the same resource levels in life but striving for growth. This allows for a multi-faceted product that provides a deeper engagement on multiple issues then just the titled work; two, the edification of men of color who may come across them; and thirdly, to precipitate and encourage discussion within the individual, within friendships, relationships or small groups of men around good, useful, accurate information. Lastly, it also allows the Special Reports to be available in a wider venue of online and offline locations where men can find them. In the print and digital editions you will also find that I have included links to: oOver 100+ relationship, sexuality and financial online videos; oHundreds of articles on sexuality, race, finances, relationship skills and strategies oLarger non-profit, governmental, entrepreneurial and financial institutions of use to the individual and the community; oDescriptions (and useful glossaries) on how to apply them into your life. oThe Liberation List, an ever expanding linkage to books on cultural, sexuality, history and finances from a multi-cultural point of view. My aim being more useful, good, accurate value and content for your money and more uniquely that the items you buy, go through a metamorphism over time. Each product's internal linkage system means that it is continuously connected to free updates through all of the other venues. Without affecting the industry's design and pricing structure I hope to take advantage of technology for the benefit of the community to deliver one product, that is essentially a hundred-in-one, thousands of pages accessible through one product, that keeps expanding (into more videos, more articles, more content) over time and that such a wealth of information gives, to many areas of your life, not simply the Special Report's titled focus, allowing it to become a continuous resource in your personal library for yourself and others. And now this Special Report

download Kyle Phoenix Special Report # 21 : Where the Single Men Are Really At!: A Guide for Bi, Gay and Same Gender Loving Men PDF


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