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Meade Breeze Part rebel, part knight in rusty armor, and every ounce his own man, Meade Breeze is a rugged, reclusive Florida boat bum. He has special talent for attracting sexy women. His skill at handling boats is matched only by his knack for getting into, and out of, one predicament after another. Starring in his third novel, all great entertainment, Breeze is the new anti-hero of nautical fiction. Free Breeze Slaying dragons and saving damsels in distress in nothing new for Breeze - he's done it before. But this one was different from the start. He couldn't save her. Her death haunted him as deeply as the loss of his wife. Her killer was still out there. There was nothing left for him to do, but seek revenge. After completing his mission, Breeze dabbles in normal society. Can he overcome his wanderlust? Can he assimilate, or will his demons led him to trouble again?

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